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Why do documents need be notarized? A notary is an impartial third-party witness (or person with legal training who is licensed by the government to perform legal affairs) that not only acts as the signature of the document, but also makes sure that all parties sign the document under their own free will.

Although laws vary by state and some require witnesses in addition to the notarization, in many cases, the notary cannot act as the witness. There are many steps taken to “notarize” a document, including using proper identification to identify the person appearing before the notary, verifying signatures, recording the proper identity in the notarial register, and more!

Get your documents organized and notarized through LegalDocs4U! Once your documents are notarized, we can help you make necessary copies and send them where you need them to go.

The following are types of documents that need to be notarized: wills, trusts, deeds, contracts, and affidavits. Consult our professionals and ask any questions.

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Business Law

Our services include:

  • Divorce/Legal Separation
  • Domestic Partnership
  • Probate
  • Guardianship/Conservatorship
  • Adoption
  • Living Trusts
  • Real Estate Deeds
  • Notary
  • Process Service
  • Tax Preparation
  • Estate Plans

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We have been providing services to Bay Area residents,
businesses and Attorneys for over 12 years.


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